“Solidarity is a Hidden Smile”


Here’s a quick note to let you know that we continue our commitment by providing a professional, sanitary and safe environment for making masks in.  Our “quick”  transformation of an outdoor furniture design studio, into a production line for Shapely Masks, is now fully operational, since March, 26th 2020.


We would like to thank all of you who have purchased our “thoughtfully made” masks and how you have put us on the map for Community Contribution.  

A community help program, no matter how big or small is more important than ever, during this challenging period. 

By supporting our work, not only have you taken the strain off the demand for surgical masks for our frontline workers in this fight against Covid 1-9 but also helped to protect your loved ones from those who do not wear masks, who unwittingly, being carriers, could be infecting people daily in your local community.

We also thank you for helping us do our part to support Collier Together Fund aka Community Foundation of Collier County.