Our Design Process

The process of hand-weaving any wicker (man made or natural) is time consuming, and requires the expertise of a skillful artisan. The Vietnamese have dedicated themselves to promote and preserve Vietnam’s craft. Since peacetime, the arts have begun to flourish again, and Vietnam once more considers itself a centre for beautiful craftsmanship and highly regarded for its weaving traditions and masterful work.

The journey begins with putting pencil to paper – once a brief is underway, we sketch out the given product and in doing so visualizing that dream. The drawing begins to be translated into a 3D CAD program – allowing us to explore the concept further, adjust measurements, and investigate proportions. The materials, style and color is also selected at this stage. The final 3D design acts as the main point of reference for our eager manufacturer overseas.


Our Design Process


We engage with the client and get to work on the scope being presented to us, with a narrowed down brief we focus on the design in mind, sketching and illustrations get under way with perhaps a review or two, once approved we start the manufacturing process.


The manufacturer fabricates and welds custom aluminum frames that are an exact match to our original 3D design. The frame structure is then powder-coated to ensure durability and further protection against moisture retention and rust. Welding commences, followed by powder–coating and our special weaving technique.


Our final process is well underway; the icing on the cake, if embellishments are in the scope of work, they would get applied now. This is the most time consuming stage, requiring the expertise of a skillful artisan who dedicates himself entirely to applying polyethylene fibers woven onto the structure.

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Shape of Wicker regularly travels to Vietnam to maintain a close relationship with their manufacturer. It always proves an invaluable time as we get a chance to examine novel creations and ideas for further prototyping processes. We also get to confirm that our one of a kind products are being made to match exact design and visions of upcoming projects.

Your Personality. Our Design.

Shape of Wicker is unique from other outdoor furniture manufacturers. You can expect affordable, custom wicker furniture, handwoven in Vietnam.