“Solidarity is a Hidden Smile”

Our challenges are evolving weekly as we collaborate, research, create and utilize our atelier for mask making.   Innovations include monogrammed masks and incorporating our great State flags onto masks with a creative twist: always utilising high end quality fabrics, perfectly stitched.

We are determined in keeping highly skilled machinist busy to provide for their families during these perplexing times.  They are doing an amazing job by sewing for us and in turn for Collier County providing a public service, so necessary at this time.  

Image 4-27-20 at 1.43 PM

Furthermore we have invested in a specific, fabric filter that maximizes the protection factor for the wearer and works as a “cartridge”to be inserted new for every use, whilst maintaining a beautiful shell for the exterior to delight the outside world! We are also looking into an aluminum strip-nose-bridge should individuals require extra protection. 

We are working hard to keep you safe. Please keep supporting our endeavours to help you and your community.