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Mel's Place

The best planned outdoor spaces, help you relax, enjoy life and entertain. At Shape of Wicker we thrive on meeting each plan head on with all its challenges and quirks – we try and make each project as unique as our customers. Always being true to our motto: “your personality. our design”
Mel’s outdoor creation of outdoor furniture and it’s layout did not come from a formula. It grew from a conversation about who they were as a family unit, including all the individual needs they had and where they wanted to go with the plans.

When you appoint Shape of Wicker early on with architectural floor plans of your new home, we build outdoor spaces together that are as functional and flexible as they are beautiful. We help ignite something novel and different, smooth your day-to-day desires, agility and expression. We match needs with a thoughtful and creative approach to the potential we see in the outdoor space. Applying our understanding of the interplay between family members, the residential architecture in question and furniture possibilities, and the experiences one wants to create within.

Durable, comfortable and above all different; Shape of Wicker’s outdoor furniture brings the clarity and simplicity of modern lifestyle design into patio space.

The family chose tables, chairs, chaise-lounges, bar-stools to bring a family together for the everyday meals and conversations that make this outside the heart of their home.

We designed their dining space complete with a long bench and glass top table, we hugged the walls with this narrow custom bench as space wasn’t in abundance and it had to sit between the outdoor kitchen, they wanted an air of sophistication hence the glass.

On offer beautiful, functional furniture (sectionals that allow an easy “gateway”) We found an obstacle with the columns placement…. we decided what better opportunity to embrace them and tie them in as feature anchors for the central placement. The sectionals would not only be timeless in look (they would also act as storage space under the tailored fitted cushions) to create 1)inviting family space and 2)in the blink of the eye all the clutter hidden, to portray a stunning formal space.

Shape of Wicker created a cozy casual retreat protected from Sunlight in a wasted vast area, with an XL DAY LOUNGER piece, ample enough for 12 small people did the trick.

For the sporting enthusiasts and teens a”Love Seater” or “Courting chair” was designed, aptly named as you could have two sets of people watching the billiards game to the right side of the patio or mingling discreetly on the other side focused more on the indoor gatherings. This partition of space was very successful offering a multi purpose perspective.

Your Personality. Our Design.

Shape of Wicker is unique from other outdoor furniture manufacturers. You can expect affordable, custom wicker furniture, handwoven in Vietnam.