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Elegant Simplicity

Comfortable, practical, light and cozy energy were the criteria that we worked with for this luscious, tropical home. An outdoor space you could be at ease in, never forgetting the four dogs and kids to cater for.  It exudes personality, a chilled vibe reflecting the family and their lifestyle.

The design features a tight selection of complementary hues which were to remain consistent throughout the house and mirrored in the outdoor rattan furniture, with the use of plenty of white – we’re talking white walls, natural wood (the real deal) and ceilings, with pops of blue in the shutters and accessories.

The owners wanted elegant, refined, and quirky all at once, utilizing a highly desirable and useful space for parties and we are talking “large events”; the furniture could be taken apart and scattered effortlessly in and around the terrace and garden to make smaller pods to spread out the crowds comfortably whilst offering a relaxed corner to have more intimate chats away from the larger crowds or small intimate family gatherings; where tables were created to offer small intimate pod, but at the drop of a hat, could be joined together to make space for a larger family dinner.

You don’t have to live on the water when you have a lagoon as a private pool injecting a breezy, airy, and relaxed yet sophisticated, energy into the house.

A fabulous project where we were able to combine the alluring look of metallic bronze, in the wicker weave, with delicious denim blue Sunbrella fabric, fusing with such ease and authority, all made easier by the fact the clients are constructors extraordinaire who knew exactly what they were looking for! Comfort as mentioned was a top priority alongside good back support – key. They wanted high armrests wherever possible with slightly tapered out backs, for instance the bar stool swivel chairs and dining chairs needed to follow their exact specifications.

This project was accented throughout with a strong blue presence with light grays to break up the outdoor space and lend it depth and visual strength; blues, grays and bronze providing a juxtaposition to a natural outdoor space saturated with white, reflecting a calming spirit with a, not so subtle, hint of luxury.

Above all, a request for a sleek and clutter free look. The signature of Shape of Wicker

Your Personality. Our Design.

Shape of Wicker is unique from other outdoor furniture manufacturers. You can expect affordable, custom wicker furniture, handwoven in Vietnam.