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Arch Bridge Alcántara

Our own Alcántara inspired outdoor Custom furniture.

Dating back as far as the 2nd century, Spain’s Alcántara Bridge is a spectacular feat of ancient Roman engineering. Constructed under the orders of Emperor Trajan, the six-arched structure crosses the Tagus River and was built to connect the then Roman settlement of Cáceres with Portugal’s historic Beira Alta province.

Over its long, rich history the bridge has sustained considerable damage on a number of occasions – in 1214, Moors destroyed one of its smaller arches and again in 1760, another of it arches was razed by the Spanish to prevent Portuguese invasion – though thanks to several repair efforts, the ancient Alcántara Bridge has managed to withstand the test of time.

Pelican Bay community in Naples, FL has its own engineering and a substantial wooden bridge to boot! It can be seen in the distant background allowing golf carts and walkers by to access an island. With an uninterrupted view in this direction from the property, it was only apt that Shape of Wicker reflect these lovely lines and arches into this custom wicker piece.

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Shape of Wicker is unique from other outdoor furniture manufacturers. You can expect affordable, custom wicker furniture, handwoven in Vietnam.